UTRR presents the 2017 Team Roster!

Daniel J. Wilson

Daniel is studying cognitive neuroscience, working toward a PhD (in the distant future). He has been racing for two years out of New York City where he was working as an artist and documentary filmmaker before moving to Toronto for school and getting involved with the UTTR. His initiation to “serious” cycling came when a friend dared him to join the Transcontinental Race in 2013. He then began racing the summer of 2015. Preferences: Breaks>Bunch Sprint. Long>Short. Climbs>Flat.

Donna Valkalis

I’m a PhD candidate in the department of Civil Engineering – interested in the health and productivity impacts that arise from building characteristics such as air, lighting, noise and green features.  My athletic background is in other sports, i.e, pentathlon and fencing… But for a few years now some of my closest friends have been avid road cyclists and triathletes, and their passion has rubbed off on me.    

Boris Dyakov

Boris is a PhD candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics and is based at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. His works uses proteomics to identify components of sub-structures in the human cell nucleus with the goal of understanding and characterizing their function.

New to the world of road racing, Boris is keen on developing his skills and hopes to become very fast at riding bikes. In his spare time he enjoys working on and maintaining bikes, nerding out over bikes and biology, eating food, and spending time with friends.
Preferences: Bunch sprint > Breaks // Short > Long // Flat > Climbs [at least for now]

Kamil Krawczyk

A PhD candidate in Chemistry and Physics, Kamil likes to use lasers to make molecules dance and probe their structural changes (yes, some lasers do indeed go ‘pew pew pew’). When not spending 12 hours a day in his lab, Kamil likes to ride his bike hard and fast. Predominantly a big fan of the mud and thus cyclocross by association, Kamil has raced on the west coast during his undergraduate days. Now, at the University of Toronto, he is pursuing more road racing and learning how to burn off those excess burritos.
Preferences: Spicy climbs > Sprints > Burritos > Booooring flats

Alex Cieslak

I’m a first year student hoping to study criminology and begin a career in law enforcement. I started riding at 15 and entered my first race the next year. I enjoy racing crits as well as hilly road races and I like to dabble in some mountain bike races as well. In addition to cycling I enjoy skiing and working on bikes.

Eric Deare

Eric Deare is an undergraduate student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is interested in pursuing a career in the advanced manufacturing industry as well as studying advances in materials science. Eric began riding 5 years ago and entered the Ontario/Canada XC mountain bike racing scene in 2015. Although new to road racing, his strengths are in short, steep climbs and riding out of the saddle as well as bike handling. Away from the bike, Eric enjoys nordic and downhill skiing, badminton and playing jazz. For the upcoming season, he looks forward to training with the team and improving his race results.

Valina Sintal

Valina Sintal is doing a Master of Mechanical Engineering, after completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill. It was at McGill where she developed a deep passion for cycling through training and racing with the McGill Cycling Team. She enjoys all domains of cycling including road (roadie at heart), cyclocross (with Bateman’s team), mountain biking (a little hesitant on trails), commuting (on her basket bike) and delivering food (for UberEATS). Overall, an obsessed cyclist, who is enthusiastic to grow the cycling community and get faster!

Tessa Brinklow

Tessa is a master’s student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, focusing on how the fish and plankton community in Lake Ontario has been impacted by pollution and invasive species. She first discovered cycling in 2015 after joining the U of T mountain bike team. She enjoys riding flowy trails or country roads. Fairly new to cycling on the road, she is hoping to improve her fitness and sprinting. This year, she is excited to be trying road racing as well as racing in the Ontario Cup XC mountain bike series.

Brendan Innes

Brendan is a PhD candidate in Molecular Genetics, playing with single-cell RNAseq data to understand how cells are organized and communicate in tissues. http://www.baderlab.org/BrendanInnes

He was introduced to racing while doing his MSc in London, Ontario where he rode club races with London Centennial Wheelers.  For the last couple years his roadie skills have fallen by the wayside, unfortunately, but he hopes to get back into it this year with UTRR!  He’s also down for a good jaunt on the trails, but prefers going downhill.

Preferences: Short and punchy, with climbs (or at least, that’s what he used to like before he got fat).

David Yang

David is a Master’s student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, investigating unexpected structures in nanocrystalline alloys. He began road cycling 3 years ago as a form of exercise during his internship, but had since fell in love with the sport and he is very excited to participate in road racing for the first time. David had been working on this long-distance endurance for the past couple of years, but he is now trying to become a better climber.

Marc-Antoine Beaudoin

Marc-Antoine is a MASc student in Mechanical Engineering. He currently works on modeling airplane engine vibration in partnership with Pratt & Whitney. For the past six years, his two passions have been cycling and engineering design [www.mabeaudoin.com]. Marc-Antoine started racing Elite 1 in 2016 for Wheels of Bloor. He loves to race whatever type of terrain, doesn’t matter, it’s always going to burn anyway. His favorite racing experience was the Green Mountain Stage Race, Pro/Cat 1 field in september 2016. This one burned a lot.

Gregory Włodarek

Gregory is currently in his third year studying Computer Science. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant for various courses at the University of Toronto and as a Software Engineer for IBM and MongoDB. Before 2017, Gregory rode casually and has since, begun to dedicate his time to training competitively. Although being relatively new to competitive biking, Gregory’s focus is on road racing. His passion for biking came from the ability to travel and explore new places.

Charlie Huang

Chengcheng Huang is a first year undergraduate student in Economics and Mathematics from Shanghai, China. He started cycling in high school after a friend introduced the sport to him and he has been doing it since. Inspired by the likes of Mark Cavendish and Caleb Ewan, he wishes to become a fast sprinter. In his opinion, cycling is a great sport because it can help hone and test one’s resilience!

Ben Xu

Ben is a currently in his second-year studying Political Science. His athletic background is in rugby, but he took up road cycling a few months before the 2017 season to keep his legs working. His experience in cycling includes trail riding and two years working as a bike courier in downtown Toronto. He loves the raw feeling of speed that comes with cycling, as well as the beauty of bike design. Being new to racing, Ben aims to become a better all-around cyclist (although he has a preference for sprinting).

Wing Yi (Roxana) Pao

Roxana is an undergraduate student studying Materials Science and current research with the Computational Materials Engineering Lab is on progressive damage of carbon fiber reinforced polymer parts using finite element method. She started long distance running in 2016 April, and in the same month her car was under modification and not drivable for a week, so she borrowed a mountain bike to commute 20 km a day. She then decided to go for triathlon and aim high for being an Ironman (and of course road racer) and got her first road bike in May, and the N+1 journey began.  

Yanni Beck

Yanni is a currently in his first-year studying Biology. His athletic background is in soccer, but he took up road cycling when is fellow classmate Alex Cieslak told him about it back in 2015. Cycling is life, case closed.